Have you yet walked with snowshoes?


We arrange snowshoehiking both in Syöte and in Korouoma

Snowshoe hiking in Syöte

We will walk with original canadian snowshoes in Syöte Crown snow load- spruce forests. Enjoy the moonlighted evenings with auroras or wander in the forests in daytime. After snowshoe walking we will have something warm to drink by the fireplace. Duration about 2 hours.

Snowshoehiking to Korouoma   

Trip starts from Posios Krouoma, where we go by car (about 100km) Korouoma is Finlands biggest canyon with icicles. From rocky ridge called Purnuvaara we will go down to the canyon and will continue to icefells. We will drink sooth-pan coffees by the open fire. After we have come back up we will eat our picnic-lunch. When driving back we will visit at coffee-cup museum Pentik in Posio. Duration 6-7 hours